Who we serve

CompRehab’s qualified rehabilitation consultants (QRCs) provide quality services and sound vocational decision-making that lead to an optimal outcome for all parties involved.

Injured employees

Injured employees receive comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services and are included in the development of their vocational rehabilitation plan. Individuals are given prompt rehabilitation services to help them transition through the workers’ compensation process in a smooth and efficient manner. Injured employees are treated with dignity and respect to foster their physical recovery, healing and personal growth in an effort to facilitate their return to work. Individual goals and ideas are considered first during vocational planning. Comprehensive vocational testing and transferable skills analysis provides valuable information when making decisions about vocational goals for job placement or retraining. Injured employees are involved in the process of identifying realistic and attainable vocational goals that are a match with their interests, skills, abilities and economic needs.

Employers, insurers and attorneys

Employers, insurers and attorneys receive timely comprehensive communication regarding recommended care plans, prompt assistance coordinating referral so treatment is not interrupted, and follow-up to assure needs are being met.

Your rights as an injured employee

“Rehabilitation is intended to restore the injured employee so the employee may return to a job related to the employee’s former employment or to a job in another work area which produces an economic status as close as possible to that the employee would have enjoyed without disability. Rehabilitation to a job with a higher economic status than would have occurred without disability is permitted if it can be demonstrated that this rehabilitation is necessary to increase the likelihood of reemployment. Economic status is to be measured not only by opportunity for immediate income but also by opportunity for future income.”

–Minnesota Statute 176.102 Subd. 1b

Vocational rehabilitation

You may be entitled to a vocational rehabilitation consultation if you have been injured on the job. If you have been unable to return to work because of your injury, a rehabilitation consultation can be requested at any time after your injury.

A QRC conducts a rehabilitation consultation to determine your eligibility for vocational rehabilitation services. If eligible, a rehabilitation plan is developed and services are provided at no cost to you. The purpose of vocational rehab is to assist you with your return to work.

Services may include:

  • Medical management and coordination of return to work with your date-of-injury employer
  • Job development and job placement if return to work with your date-of-injury employer is not possible, and/or
  • Retraining for a different occupation
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