Who we are

CompRehab Inc., a Minnesota-based rehabilitation firm, is a multi-disciplinary group of health care and rehabilitation specialists. We provide medical management, vocational rehabilitation and employment services to injured workers with the goal of minimizing the impact injuries have on return to work.

Customer Service

Experienced experts offer superior service with the best results and cost effective methods.


We communicate effectively, and are resourceful through collaboration.


We are proactive in our work for the benefit of all parties involved by identifying and removing barriers and focusing on potential.


Our expertise managing complex medical and vocational circumstances and situations leads to outstanding return-to-work results.

Our results

Our outcomes demonstrate our commitment to helping injured workers find employment that is a match in physical demand and suitable in income.

An average of 71 percent of injured employees returned to work at the close of their rehabilitation plan with CompRehab between 2008 and 2020.

70 percent of workers earned 96 to 105 percent of their pre-injury wage after returning to work from 2008 to 2020. Even better, 12 percent made more than before their injury.

Refer an injured worker

Are you a claims adjuster looking to refer an injured employee to CompRehab?

Request a referral and we will contact you.

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